Getting the best team for your project should be your topmost priority when looking to employ scaffolding professionals. High-quality work is a must regardless of the kind of project being executed, from decorating jobs to renovations to relocation. Scaffolding and installation companies are not any different. Without sound scaffolding towers, construction work will be dangerous and difficult.

They play an essential role in ensuring the health and safety of the workers and the general public. Poorly designed and erected towers can become significant health hazards. As a result, working with safety-conscious, experienced, and well-trained scaffolding companies is essential. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to find a reliable scaffolding company. Many companies in the industry boast of rendering exceptional service, and picking the first option can be very tempting. 

You will be rewarded with peace of mind if you conduct adequate research before choosing a company.  Good scaffolding companies will ensure that your project is completed within the set schedule and budget and in accordance with your project specifications.  What is the most suitable way to start your search? We’ve come up with a mini-guide to help with that.

Are they safety conscious?

Safety is important when considering scaffolding systems. For this reason, it is vital that you choose a scaffolding company with a spotless health and safety record.  By checking with the health and safety executive, you can receive all the necessary information as they publish a list of companies that are not doing well. Please note some horrible scaffolding hire firms may not have been caught — yet! Therefore, apart from checking with the health and safety executive, you should also look for scaffolding firms that have cover for inevitable situations, i.e. they have a good employee and public liability insurance (even with the best suppliers, accidents will occur).

Also, we recommend you check how seriously they take health and safety policies. A good way to confirm this is by checking for active memberships with the Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP). Ace Scaffolding, Lewes has a valid membership card with the SSIP.  To be a member, as a scaffolding company, you have to adhere to strict health and safety criteria outlined by the SSIP. If you plan to hire the services of an SSIP registered scaffolding company in Lewes, they are likely to be a reputable contractor.

What are the installation techniques and materials they use?

One way to monitor the quality of the scaffolding erection work that the scaffolding company that you are considering does is by asking for details on the type of installation methods and materials that they use.

The details of the scaffolding process should not be a secret — a trustworthy company will have no problem giving you information on their procedures. 

Are they insured?

Accidents can happen, regardless of how secure a scaffolding company is with its materials and installation. Using the best scaffolding company does not eliminate the possibility of accidents, on-site injuries, and property damage.

Hire a scaffolding company with a good insurance policy to avoid personal costs if any accidents and incidents occur.  If something goes wrong on your site, the scaffolding company should be able to offer compensation. Always check the insurance packages of your scaffolding company before hiring.

Look for a local company

You can save money on transportation of equipment and scaffolding structures by using a local company. This reduces the distance between the project site and the scaffolding company.

Do they offer relevant support?

Having access to a good support team from the scaffolding company you choose to hire is crucial during the lifetime of your project. You‘ll want to be sure the company you choose whether for purchase or rent of scaffolding equipment can offer adequate support to you. Before signing a contract, confirm if the initial quote covers the entirety of the project.  Your construction project may be delayed or damaged building sections may deteriorate while they are inaccessible if a scaffolding company is not available to render assistance as required. 

Are the scaffolders on their team adequately trained?

You need to check that the scaffolders who will be working on your project are qualified and skilled to work on the type of scaffolding structure you chose before hiring them. A valid National Access and Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) membership is a key identifier of a trustworthy scaffolding company. Look for a NASC membership before making a choice. 

Why is this important?

According to a 2010 NASC scaffolding safety report, there was a 30% reduction in falls from height in 2018. When an NASC registered business was used, there was a 19 percent drop in worksite incidents. The NASC president, Bob Whincap had this to say, “We want to be able to objectively show people that what the NASC is doing does make a difference. Our safety report is a testament to the fact that NASC companies perform safer.”

Does the scaffolding company have the kind of scaffolding structure you need?

When selecting a scaffolding contractor to work with, it is important to consider the smaller details of your project. Although you might require a traditional scaffold tower, you need to ask yourself – are there other pieces of equipment I will need for my project? Make sure the scaffolding company you hire can deliver all your project needs, whether it’s a Ginny lift for accessing all levels of the building or a scissors lift for increasing workspace.  If you have a good understanding of your project requirements, it will be easy to find a company that is a good match for it. 

Is the company experienced for the type of scaffolding erection you need?

This needs to be repeated even though it seems clear-cut. The scaffolding service tends to be of a higher quality when you work with an experienced company.  Scaffolding companies with a great deal of experience can quickly adjust and refine their services to suit their clients’ needs.

They’ll be more suited to your scaffolding needs.  Although websites are a great resource for learning about a company, the number of years they have operated is another good measure of authenticity.

A reputable scaffolding company will cite their years of experience on the home page of their website.  It would be wise to reconsider the company you have chosen if they are no indicators of their experience. 

What do their reviews say?

The way a company treats their clients is important. Read through client reviews to get a picture of how the company is rated by the clients, their attitude, and the quality of their services.  This is a good strategy for determining the positives and negatives of a company, while also identifying any potential warning signs.

Do not forget to look at their portfolio to view samples of work they’ve done. If you have particular requirements for your project or have special features in your building, you would be able to tell from their portfolio whether the scaffolding firm you are considering has the required expertise or has worked in jobs like your project.