Industrial Scaffolding in Lewes

Industrial scaffolding

When you need quality scaffolding for large-scale and industrial projects anywhere in Lewes, you can count on us at Ace Scaffolding for everything you need. We have been providing quality industrial scaffolding solutions to several leading businesses and organizations in Lewes.

Our scaffolding technology is designed to provide access to hard-to-reach areas and at the same time guarantees the safety of workers and members of the public. Whether it’s for a single industrial building or a section of a housing scheme, Ace Scaffolding has the technical expertise and equipment to tackle your projects in Lewes..

Scaffolding hire

You can save money by hiring a scaffolding platform rather than purchasing a new structure. The industrial-type scaffolding we hire out is safe and reliable, and our people are experienced enough to provide the professional skills needed.

Our solutions are reasonably priced because we create bespoke plans for each customer. This means that our clients can get the best price available on the market.

Our Guarantee

  • More than six years’ experience 
  • 100% assurance for satisfaction and safety
  • Excellent service 
  • Industry-approved and qualified scaffolders 
  • A complete array of scaffolding services 
  • Meticulous, reliable, and professional 
  • Unrivalled industry experience 
  • Provision of unmatchable work value for money 

Scaffolding type

Our scaffolding professionals offer expert advice on wide-ranging scaffolding projects, whether big or small, providing the best solutions for your project’s requirements. Our 10 years in the industrial scaffolding business means that we are able to offer professional advice to keep your project on track.

Our target is to become the first-choice contractors for delivering scaffolding solutions for a wide range of industrial projects – big or small – in the greater Lewes area.

Scaffolding for factories

You can count on us to have suitable scaffolding solutions for your construction needs. Our 10 years of scaffolding experience serves us in good stead when installing scaffolding for industrial properties; we can work on the most complex projects including derelict factories and hazardous worksites. We tailor our work schedule to comply with the legal requirements for site access and factory production requirements (to minimise downtime); which means we often do night work to save you money and keep your project on schedule.

Scaffolding for industrial units

Providing scaffolding systems for industrial construction projects is challenging; these projects require expert attention when it comes to accessibility. But we know all about working on major projects and our people are quite the expert when it comes to deploying scaffolding solutions for factories, industrial units and major housing constructions.

Scaffolding for refurbishment

We customise all our scaffolding services according to your specific requirements. Our skilled scaffolding team can deliver quality scaffolding services within the set timeframe and in accordance with the project requirements, whether it’s a plant renovation, providing work access for construction workers, or other scaffolding services.

Scaffolding planning and design

Our customers always come first here at Ace Scaffolding. Even if your project requires scaffolding that falls outside the NASC TG 20 08 specification, we can work with you to make sure you get what works for your project.

We are available to provide consultation services on your industrial project’s needs; creating creative scaffolding designs and offering fairly-priced installation. Planning is at the heart of any piece of work are involved in, particularly as it relates to health and safety standards During the planning stage, we match the time-efficiency of a scaffold system with the flexibility of a tube and the ideal scaffold.

This means that our scaffolding solution will work for you, whether you are looking at minor repairs, major overhauling or renovations. Send us your scaffolding requirements by calling 01273 257 020 or by sending us an email.

Specialist scaffold structures

We are called specialists because regardless of what the challenge is, how complex, small or big a project is, we always find a way to get the projects completed safely, and in a timely manner. We have been in charge of maintaining stable and effective work platforms on bridges that extend across Lewes roads and rivers. We can lend our expertise, experience and equipment to any kind of project; building housing schemes, or industrial construction projects.

Scaffolding Types

  • Residential Scaffolding 
  • Commercial Scaffolding
  • Industrial Scaffolding

Temporary covering and roofing

When temporary roofs are installed, it reduces the risk of falling or slipping when working at a height. At Ace Scaffolding, we provide high-class protection and secure working platforms built with only the best temporary roofing and cladding systems.

We provide customised temporary roofing suitable for all shapes, forms, and sizes of structures and buildings. Our temporary roofing specialists are very experienced in the industrial scaffolding field and will give you the ideal solution for your project.

Confined spaces and access solutions

Our skilled and highly qualified scaffolding and management teams are able to offer innovative access services anywhere in Lewes as a result of strategically placed depots, offices, and facilities.

With 10 years of experience in Lewes, East Sussex, we have successfully delivered industrial scaffolding systems for a wide variety of industrial sites; customised to each site’s particular needs. Our access technologies offer full safety for the general public and the workers.

Your project site may be smooth even ground or rough, swampy and even, we have the experience to erect a stable and reliable access tower or scaffold so that your people can work safely.

Birdcage scaffolds

Birdcages are often requested by industrial clients, so they have access to construct staircase and lift shafts. In a lot of cases, to provide total access, we use methods that have been proven to work well, such as moveable birdcages.

Large buildings in Lewes can make use of our birdcage scaffolding services during plaster and cement repair work. A birdcage scaffold is installed within the building and creates a stable platform for the workers to work safely.

Birdcages are not only designed for work on staircases and lift shafts. It is also possible to use industrial birdcages as crash decks while a new building is being erected (so workers don’t fall into the building).

Scaffolding services

Short term scaffold hire

We can handle all your needs for short-term access, whether in big or small industrial buildings.

Scaffolding construction

We are here to provide structural support to construction workers through scaffolding so that their projects can be conducted safely and within the allotted time frame. At Ace Scaffolding, we use our extensive scaffolding training and expertise to install scaffolds that comply with relevant safety regulations.

Long-term scaffold hire

Our people are experienced scaffolders who know what they are doing and can meet your expectations for reliable scaffolds. Our team’s expertise extends to providing scaffolding and innovative access services for all shapes and sizes of industrial projects. Please get in touch if you need a long-term scaffolding hire contract.

Scaffolding supplies

Ensure maximum site safety by getting the best scaffolding solutions from the experts contractors in Lewes. Our industrial scaffolding projects often make use of complex equipment, and often have tricky factories and industrial units to work on. Ace Scaffolding are expert scaffolders so when you need supply, installation and removal of scaffolding at your industrial project site in Lewes, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Scaffolding contractors

We are the reliable choice for the safe and regulations-compliant installation and eventual disassembling of your project’s scaffold systems.

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Scaffolding erections

You are guaranteed fast dismantling and erection of scaffolding systems, when you work with Ace Scaffolding Lewes. In certain parts of Lewes, next day delivery is available for equipment and scaffolding structures.

Scaffold design

We will sit down with you to talk about your project so that we can design the perfect scaffolding solution for what you are working on. Our experienced scaffolding team uses a combo of creativity and best practices to design innovative scaffolding solutions that create a safe and accessible workspace.

Access equipment

If you want the technical details of our scaffolding solutions, no problems. We can provide all the technical data so you know what is what about your scaffolding platforms.

Call 01273 257 020 to speak to our access equipment team if you need information on a specific access product. We have the experience and expertise to provide critical advice on the quality products that give the best results.

Why choose Ace Scaffolding Lewes for your industrial scaffolding?

Skilled personnel

Our team is made up of capable and experienced personnel who all have current CISRS registration and are CITB trained.


Here, you can be sure of the best and safest scaffolding solution on the market. We provide this guarantee based on our 10 years ’ experience in scaffolding supply and installation. We have the resources and skills needed to get your job done perfectly.

Top-quality scaffolding

One of the core parts of our policy is conducting regular safety checks and ensuring only the best materials and access equipment are delivered with our services. If quality scaffolding, erected, supplied and designed by well versed professionals is what you need, you should trust us.

We know that we have what it takes to deliver on any industrial project, as long as you require quality scaffolding at the best prices.

Open communication

The entirety of our scaffolding service process is managed in-house without the involvement of middlemen. From handling delivery, to erecting and removing scaffolding at the project site, everything is handled directly by one of our in-house trained professionals.

Work with the best

We work tirelessly to become the scaffolding industry’s gold standard for delivering quality and safe scaffold systems.   This makes us the prime choice for contractors and tradesmen all over Lewes; supplying and installing the scaffolding for their projects.

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Industry recognised standards

Ace Scaffolding in Lewes is an experienced scaffolding contractor recognised by the CISRS (Construction Industry Scaffold Record Scheme) and our workers are all CSCS card holders with all necessary qualifications.

Our more than 10 years of experience mean that we have the skills, resources and people to match the requirements for scaffolding for your projects. We always strive to meet all the legal requirements and procedures for health and safety in the scaffolding industry.

Competitive prices

We offer competitive prices even as we strive to ensure that the demands of each client are met. We are one of the best scaffolding companies in Lewes as a result of our highly-skilled team who are all meticulous when it comes to paying attention to details. We can proudly call tradesmen, property developers, as well as homeowners our clients. We have completed numerous scaffolding contracts in Lewes, forming meaningful relationships with our clients in the process; a testament to our commitment towards customer satisfaction.

Our industrial scaffolding services

Edge protection

Edge protection, like the name suggests, means protecting the edges of the floor where there is the possibility of materials or people falling from a height. Edge protection takes several forms, all of which Ace Scaffolding can offer you. All sizes of industrial construction projects can take advantage of our temporary roof solutions.

Lift shaft scaffolds

Lift shafts towers provide a safe and stable workspace for staff working in inaccessible or high areas. They work as both outdoor and indoor access solutions. It is however, more commonly used during lift construction.


A birdcage is a platform that can be used in tight areas like in stairwells, so that people can work without injuring themselves. At Ace Scaffolding, we install birdcage scaffolding with an approach that fulfills the client’s demands while maintaining our high standards.


We also easily erect scaffolding systems to make it easy to construct large or small staircases We have handled a diverse range of projects for contractors, providing them access on-site, and have also been involved in the design and installation of scaffolding bridges, internal staircases, all well connected to major parts of the building.

Site protection

Creating safe, ingenious and sustainable access solutions and protective support equipment for all types of industrial projects is our primary commitment at Ace Scaffolding. We Are Also Available to Offer Scaffolding Related Advice

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We Are Also Available to Offer Scaffolding Related Advice

Temporary roofs

Our temporary roofing solutions can be used as a standalone scaffold system or combined with an existing scaffolding.  Temporary roofs prevent disruption of construction work by shielding the site and workers from the weather conditions.

Here at Ace Scaffolding, we can deliver custom-made temporary roofing solutions, as we understand that custom-made solutions are the best for most kinds of scaffolding projects. Our temporary roofing solutions are designed to be safe and fully operational for the people that will be working on them.

Risk assessments

We also provide an independent risk assessment programme for scaffolding installations. When you reach out to us, our qualified scaffolding inspector will visit your project site and perform a comprehensive inspection. We will also provide you with a comprehensive report so you know what to expect.

Calculation and design

Our in-house design team can give you help and support if you require guidance with a complicated short-term or long-term scaffolding service. Our technical calculations are precise and you can even have a hand in the process. All we want is that you get the scaffolding equipment that is the perfect match for your project.

Full site construction for developing new facilities

Are you a supply chain firm conducting repairs and renovations on warehouses or constructing new structures? Or perhaps you have a factory under construction? We would like to partner with you on your industrial project. Ace Scaffolding Lewes offers a wide range of services, including scaffolding for new build industrial projects.

Whether you require customised scaffolding for a new construction project, scaffolding access towers for renovations and restorations, or for any other need, you can trust in our professional scaffolding services.

Steelwork development and maintenance

At Ace Scaffolding, we take pride in being called one of Lewes’s top scaffolding contractors and justify this position by delivering extensive, premium services to our industrial clients. We have worked on countless construction projects, such as power plants, and renovation of steelworks facilities.

Power station access

Ace Scaffolding is made up of committed workers who have worked with a number of manufacturing and supply chain businesses in Lewes. We have also played vital roles, providing access solutions for work on bridges, utility stations, power plants and other vital industries. If you need power station access, we can offer you quality scaffolding solutions. We have gathered substantial work experience working on industrial projects like power plants.

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Private and public sector infrastructure

We are one of the top names when it comes to scaffolding in Lewes, providing quality scaffolding solutions in the area since 10 years. We have partnered with several leading contractors to deliver public walkways, stairway access, and key utility diversion all over Lewes.

Large-size refurbishment

At Ace Scaffolding, we provide scaffolding services to many of Lewes’s top industrial developers. We are well versed in working on building projects from the design stage through to project completion. If you have an industrial refurbishment project that requires scaffolding then call us to discuss the project.


We prioritise health and safety on all our projects; adhering to relevant health and safety guidelines to protect the workers and public during project execution until completion.

Our team of scaffolders possess the highest qualifications stipulated by the NASC. We also make sure to stay abreast of the trends and development in the industry, so that we can deliver only the best results all the time.

Safety standards

Everything we use in our work conforms to the highest safety standards. Our equipment is always in great shape for work.

Health and safety

Here at Ace Scaffolding, we are particular about delivering prompt and efficient service, managed by skilled technicians. We offer affordable pricing without compromising the safety or quality of our scaffolding services.

Searching for a safe and dependable scaffolding company in Lewes, look no further than Ace Scaffolding.

Work Height

Working on towering structures is risky without support from the appropriate elevated work platform. Thankfully, we have handled a lot of projects that require working at height, so we know just how to design scaffolding for projects like this. We have worked on large factories, high rise buildings, vast warehouses and even viaducts and bridges.

Installing scaffolding on viaducts and bridges comes with its own difficulties and challenges as the majority of the work is performed at a height. However, our Ace Scaffolding team has completed a number of health and safety programmes, meaning that our solutions are safe to use when working at high points.

Hire rates

You’ll find that our hire services are affordable, especially for the quality of service we provide. This is why we can confidently claim to provide solutions that are unmatched in Lewes. You can get detailed information on our scaffolding hire fees when you contact us. Depending on the project requirements you have, we can give you an estimate or a full price quote.

Public liability insurance

We are confident in our ability to provide industry leading scaffolding services and offer our clients competitive prices. This is why we carry public liability insurance up to XXX million. We also make sure that every one of our people work in line with the accepted industry standards, and we have all the paperwork to show that we are a reliable player in the scaffolding industry.

Delivery rates

In Lewes, we offer very competitive delivery rates, which is very evident when compared with the rates of other companies. Our dedication to excellence on each project – from single platforms to comprehensive scaffolding packages – endears us to our clients.

When you work with us, you are assured of professionalism from start to completion. We will deliver on time and the charges are very reasonable.

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We are also available to offer Scaffolding related advice where needed.

We Are Also Available to Offer Scaffolding Related Advice Where Needed

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