Temporary Roofs in Lewes

If you are searching for professional scaffold specialists for your temporary roof construction in Lewes, then look no further, you are in the right spot. There is no temporary roofing project that is beyond our expertise as a professional roofing contractor. We have an exceptional track record in delivering temporary roofing and safety netting for long- and short-term projects.

Temporary roof installation reduces the risks of working at height. We have extensive experience providing scaffolding solutions including large temporary roofs for towering structures and smaller scaffold towers. We are also skilled at designing scaffoldings, temporary roofs as well as support scaffolds for project sites that are not easy to reach. With Ace Scaffolding, you can always expect premium temporary roofing work. We prioritise safety on all our scaffolding projects, big or small.


We have over 10 years of experience delivering premium scaffolding solutions to different sectors in Lewes.

We are always excited to provide clients with scaffolds that will improve project efficiency. We provide our services to domestic, commercial, and industrial clients. We have earned a reputation for having relevant experience in areas related to temporary roofing, particularly for historic buildings. We combine skill and expertise in building our temporary roofing structures. We get lots of repeat clients because we ensure each roof is set up safely and is waterproof. Contact us today on 01273 257 020 to discuss the cost and practicalities of us setting up a temporary roof on your structure.

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When it comes to commercial construction projects, a more structured approach is required. Thankfully, we are experts in industry-standard commercial scaffolding. Ace Scaffolding are qualified professionals who can supply and install scaffolding for diverse commercial clients in Lewes.

Servicing Lewes

At Ace Scaffolding, we are experts when it comes to access solutions for commercial projects. We have formed meaningful relationships with notable clients all over Lewes.


We have the requisite experience to work successfully on a wide range of industrial projects. We carry out our services in complex buildings such as large warehouses and dormant factories. Our methods are safety-oriented; we place a high value on the safety of the workmen using the scaffolding and the general public. For your industrial scaffolding projects, we have superior-quality scaffolding for hire throughout Lewes.

Component Features

Strong beams for large spans

The beam design is erected in such a way that it has wide spans made from very solid structures. The beams are suitable for long-duration projects.

Robust Sheeting

The heavily reinforced LD polythene cut to different sizes and fixed to braced guardrail frames to prevent leaks are used to ensure our temporary roofs are weatherproof. Our temporary roofing serves as a better alternative to traditional sheeting because our roofing is hard-wearing and easy to fit with aluminium tracks and feeder beading. The said fitting is produced in fixed lengths. To improve the flexibility of the fitting, extra pockets can be attached to it. The length of the lattice beams has tracks that are tailor-made for it and attached with spring prints and track clamp saddles.

Safe for displacement

Like other Ace Scaffolding Lewes temporary roofs and access solutions and scaffolding, the prefabricated components are robust and are not easily displaced, meaning they are reliable and safe. They can also be re-used in other scaffolding platforms, rather than thrown away.



Our 10 years of experience in supplying and constructing scaffolding means we have what it takes to meet all the needs of our clients. With Ace Scaffolding, you can always expect premium scaffolding solutions.

Our scaffolds are useful for constructing and renovating high-rise structures. In fact, we play a vital role in Lewes’s construction industry; we have provided scaffolding for many prominent projects in the area. Such roles have made us knowledgeable and experienced scaffolding providers for domestic and commercial clients in Lewes. We are knowledgeable in any area that you need access solutions for. Get in touch on 01273 257 020 for more details about your project and to request a no-obligation quote. With our wealth of knowledge and experience, you can be sure of the suitable access solution for your project.

Our Guarantee

  • More than six years’ experience 
  • 100% assurance for satisfaction and safety
  • Excellent service 
  • Industry-approved and qualified scaffolders 
  • A complete array of scaffolding services 
  • Meticulous, reliable, and professional 
  • Unrivalled industry experience 
  • Provision of unmatchable work value for money 

Quality Scaffolding

Ace Scaffolding is the perfect place for you to receive premium scaffolding services in Lewes. Our achievements in over 10 years of providing scaffolding services in Lewes are of significant value to us as a business. Our workforce is highly trained and capable of delivering high-quality scaffolding services at budget-friendly prices and under the safest conditions. We use a team of dedicated scaffolders on all our projects.  We strive to provide premium scaffolding services that will be suitable for your budget. If you need premium temporary roofing design, supply, or installation, contact our experts today.

Competitive prices

Our scaffolding services range from provision of safety equipment to temporary roofing, access and scaffolding system, and consultancy services, all at the right prices. We are conscious of your safety and price. Our highly-trained scaffold installers are capable and willing to meet your requirements.

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We Are Also Available to Offer Scaffolding Related Advice


We supply quality scaffolds, hoist, temporary roofs and access solutions. We have an exceptional track record for safety-oriented scaffolding and impeccable client support. We provide affordable and quality scaffolding service that is undertaken by our highly- skilled team of scaffolders who will ensure the safety and security of your scaffolding.

We believe that as premier scaffolding contractors, our focus should be on competitive pricing, efficiency, reliability, and excellence. Local councils and numerous social housing providers have relied on us to provide excellent and premium scaffoldings; we have remained their preferred option for scaffolding partnerships.

Scaffolding Types

  • Residential Scaffolding 
  • Commercial Scaffolding
  • Industrial Scaffolding
Ace Scaffolding has made significant contributions to the scaffolding industry’s quality and safety standards. We achieved this by concentrating on risk management and quality control at all levels of our organisation. We rank among the leading commercial scaffolding contractors, providing premium services to large companies and specialist firms. We assure you of the delivery of quality scaffolding service. We place a high value on our huge client base including major contractors and local authorities.

They have enjoyed our service for several years and are comfortable with our high level of quality service and safety. Ace Scaffolding’s scaffolders are Edge Protection Scaffolding specialists. We provide protection for roofs or preferred areas of the roof, as well as the perfect solutions for buildings. Ensuring maximum safety in the work environment prevents the loss of time resulting from bad weather. It helps to speed up delivery time and save costs. We can provide edge protection of varying types. We provide solutions to problems related to floor protection or roof edges where people or materials are prone to fall from heights.

In addition, we provide temporary solutions to construction sites and other places that require protection. We have several fall prevention and protection systems in stock for people working at height. A few of these products include Guard Rail Systems, safety netting solutions, and staircase access solutions.


We can provide all sorts of scaffolding, such as cantilever drops, splay scaffolding pavements, trusses, hangers, ramps and any other equipment for access to high areas. Our aim in providing Lewes customers with access scaffolding is to increase the comfort and secure access to locations that are difficult to reach on sites.

We are equal to the task, irrespective of the scale or complexity as renowned providers of access solutions in Lewes. We tailor our multi-product approach to your project requirements. Whether it is for a construction site or house renovations, our temporary roofing system gives you much-needed flexibility and safety.

Easy to assemble

We strictly comply with all safety and health policies as we provide services in addition to temporary roofs. We provide such services for warehouse, retail shopping centres, town centres, bus depots as well as car parks. At Ace Scaffolding Lewes, we are conscious of safety and we ensure the efficient use of all equipment from assembling the scaffolding properly and safely to running regular inspections. We make sure all our temporary roofs and scaffolds are positioned correctly and at the right height, to prevent damage to the building and make work a lot more convenient.

Lattice beams with superior strength

At Ace Scaffolding Lewes, we supply beams for various applications such as roofing, strengthening and bridging and cantilevered working platforms. We ensure that our lattice beams are ideal for connecting regular scaffolding couplers so we built the lattice beams with top and bottom chords and 48.3 mm external diameter vertical filler bars. We have aluminium and steel lattice beams measuring between 2-8, and rising 450mm-750mm in height. Steel lattice beams provide excellent support for heavy loads and help bridge wide spans. The aluminium lattice beam, which is preferable for ease of handling, is an alternative for lower weight and capacity.

Mobile or static Platforms

We have static builds and rolling towers for hire. You can conveniently get to high areas in construction work when you hire a premium quality scaffolding. The scaffolding is made from lightweight materials (aluminium), making them easy to move around. A mobile tower is equipped with four wheels at the base level; hence it does not require machinery to move the platform.

Here at Ace Scaffolding, we can deliver quality scaffolding rentals for all businesses. For companies that require regular maintenance, we can offer long term rental contracts. Our company plans and executes fixed projects of scaffold installation and runs the inspections required to keep everything safe and legal. We are also experts in steel and aluminium scaffolding, mobile and fixed, for sale or rent.

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All our work on site is in full compliance with all safety regulations. With our temporary scaffolding structures, you and your employees are assured of safety while working on a property at height whether you are doing maintenance, repair, cleaning or building work on the platforms.

Safety standards

Our approved health and safety policy consist of a risk assessment and a full method system. We periodically train our workers on relevant health and safety regulations in scaffolding. We also stay abreast of the new trends in the scaffolding industry. We perform periodic on-site inspections to maintain the integrity of the scaffolding and keep all stakeholders safe from harm.

The goal of our business is always to deliver quality temporary roofs and scaffolding in the safest way possible. Our scaffolders are trained CITD experts who carry out their services within your stipulated budget and not compromise on safety regulations.

Health and Safety

We value our highly skilled and qualified workforce. They have gone through professional training in the scaffolding industry; including SpanSet safety training. They have also completed NUCO safety first aid training and training in access solutions which have prepared them for the projects we handle. To make sure that we obey the health and safety regulations, we hold our scaffolders responsible for applying safety measures throughout our service delivery.

We ensure that we adhere to all legislative and organisational standards for scaffolding, including all health and safety regulations. We offer on-site installation of scaffolding systems and temporary roofing to follow safety regulations. Our methods are in line with CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) requirements. Feel free to call us on 01273 257 020, if you need scaffolding services in Lewes.

Work Height

Our staff have undergone training to meet the NASC SG4 155 Working at Height Regulations and the present TG20 13 Guidance Notes to meet the needs of our clients in Lewes. We have an impeccable track record of safety standards because our health and safety officers always undertake onsite inspections and we follow safe scaffolding procedures. We pay close attention to detail on our projects, add our understanding of safety and health regulations and it is clear why we have been able to maintain our impressive track record for safety.

We give you rest of mind knowing your scaffolding systems are being handled by seasoned experts.   Handling of projects is restricted to the professional workers who are skilled in their workmanship, this is to make us adhere to the highest standards and policies of health and safety for all our workers. We work with legislative requirements in mind; to give you maximum satisfaction and ensure we meet all the legislative standards including health and safety regulations.

We offer in-house designs to improve the system’s safety and health standards; giving you better value for money. All our operations are in full compliance with the standards outlined in the Contractors Health and Safety Scheme (CHAS). We look forward to hearing from you and discussing your scaffolding needs here in Lewes.

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We Are Also Available to Offer Scaffolding Related Advice

Work Height

Our staff have undergone training to meet the NASC SG4 155 Working at Height Regulations and the present TG20 13 Guidance Notes to meet the needs of our clients in Lewes. Our scaffolders have a reputation for obeying safety guidelines because our safety and health officers have the necessary qualifications to perform on-site inspections.

We have focused on an in-depth and thorough comprehension of the Health and safety regulations, which helps us sustain a track record with no accidents, which is why we assure you of safety in all scaffolding installed by our scaffolders on your construction site.

Public liability

Our scaffolding team are trained and certified by CISRS and are fully insured with employee and public insurance worth £XXX million. Our scaffolders have CISRS and NVQ qualifications, and public liability insurance worth £XXX million further cements our position as premier scaffolding contractors.


It is usually better to hire scaffolding than to buy the scaffolds when the budget is a consideration. Hiring may be the best alternative since scaffolding is not always needed on a construction site. Our integrity in the scaffolding industry has surpassed the UK. We can deliver temporary scaffolding platforms to you at low cost. To give you accurate details on what you are going to recruit or purchase, all items on our website are marked with technical requirements.

Hire rates

Our prices are relatively affordable all the time. Our prices are still reasonably competitive in the local market. Our services are always reasonably priced. Our pricing structure remains cost-effective. Our prices are affordable. Every job is important to us, no matter the size. We care about every project, no matter what the size, every project is a big deal to us. Every job is a priority, irrespective of the size.

We place a high value on each job, big or small. This is why we ensure the pricing is cost-effective. Our prices are based on the products we supply for your scaffolding and other aspects of your project. For a price quote of our scaffolding systems, give us a call on 01273 257 020 or send an email to info@acescaffolding-lewes.co.uk

Delivery rates

In Lewes, Ace Scaffolding is well known for the delivery of premium services of high quality at cost-effective prices. Our major goal is the provision of safe scaffolding and excellent client service to Lewes and neighbouring cities. We aim to be the one-stop-shop for scaffolding installation and dismantling in Lewes.

Contact us

For a comprehensive discussion on your particular scaffolding needs, call 01273 257 020. You can review some of our past designs by visiting our website. We are one of the leading specialists in the scaffolding field and you will be happy to partner with us at Ace Scaffolding. For more information about our scaffolding operations, please contact our team.


What is a temporary roof?
Temporary roofs act as security from dust, wind and environmental contaminants for building projects. Many of Ace Scaffolding Lewes jobs include the building of temporary roof structures as a stand-alone structure or as an extension of an existing scaffold.
When can temporary roofs be removed?
Inform us after the end of your project to dismantle the scaffolding. This allows you to enjoy your property after the renovation.
How long will temporary roofing take to be erected?
The size of the temporary roof largely determines the time it will take to set up. Besides that, the location, the materials to be used and several other variables add to the installation duration. We will send you an approximation of how long it will take to set up after a swift site survey or after we have collected necessary details from you.
How is the cost of scaffolding calculated?
Multiply the total number of scaffolding needed by the daily rental costs quoted. This gives you the total day to day costs. Multiplying your regular rate by the number of days you need scaffolding will give you the total cost of the job.
Is a permit required for temporary scaffolding erection?
No permit is required to install temporary scaffolding. However, you may have to apply for a permit if your project extends into a public road. When your project needs a permit, we will obtain it on your behalf. Thanks to the good working relationship we have with local authorities and city councils we can obtain the permits in a short time.
Is scaffolding required for roof work?
Yes, you need scaffolding for rooftop projects. Scaffolding is not only a means of safety for those working at height; it also keeps those on the ground away from danger. Scaffolding is crucial in the event of a risk of tools or working instruments dropping from the roof.
What is the cost of scaffolding rental?
Typical costs: This depends largely on the size, location and type of scaffolding. Rental costs start from XXX per day and XXX per week. For each frame section, guard rail and wheel, rates can be per complete kit or per piece with separate charges. Rates may be daily, weekly or monthly.
Are roofers required to use harnesses?
Roofers must use a safety harness. According to the safety legislature, harnesses are required for workers working six feet and above.
Is it proper for roofers to work at night?
For roofers, working at night is not necessarily ideal. Conducting roofing work at night is common among builders who plan to avoid asphalt-related interruptions during the day. However, property owners and roofing contractors are not excluded from this rule. Contact us for quotes for your scaffolding jobs.

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