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Scaffolding Service in Lewes

Ace Scaffolding of Lewes is dedicated to providing high quality, professional scaffolding, with our highly trained workers using the best high quality materials and equipment. With over 30 years of experience, our scaffolding team will work around your schedule and plan to complete the job safely in the least amount of time possible. We look forward to being your first choice for scaffolding in Lewes. Call us today on 01273 257 020.

Ace Scaffolding is a family owned and operated company that has been providing reliable scaffolding services to Lewes since 2010. We offer a full range of high quality scaffolding, scaffolding rental, scaffolding erection, scaffold accessories and other work at height site safety solutions.

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Flexible, versatile, comprehensive scaffolding available

Ace Scaffolding stocks a wide range of scaffolding in Lewes. We supply access scaffolding allowing easier access to roofs and hard-to-reach areas, decorating scaffolding for the construction industry as well as residential properties, restoration scaffolding for renovation projects, internal scaffolding and support scaffolds and temporary roofs.

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Scaffolding Services

Our scaffolding services in Lewes

Ace Scaffolding is a professional scaffolding company serving Lewes. From consultation to scaffolding erection and dismantling, we strive for excellence and take pride in our work. Choose us for all your scaffolding needs. We are committed to serve you with the scaffolding solutions that will work best for you! Ace Scaffolding are one of Lewes' leading scaffold providers and offer a free quotation service. We have a top reputation within the scaffolding industry and are proud to offer a professional scaffolding service offering the following services:

Ace Scaffolding are professional temporary scaffolding hire contractors. Our scaffolding is available to hire throughout Lewes and can be collected from any of our depots, or brought to your site, assembled and later disassembled and taken away. From our project managers to the scaffolding fitters, we aim to provide an excellent service. Ace Scaffolding offers a wide range of scaffold in different sizes for all your temporary scaffolding requirements.

Ace Scaffolding is a leading supplier of long term scaffolding hire in Lewes. Our expert staff offers a complete scaffolding service to any project, no matter how big or how long. Whether it’s for commercial development, industrial projects or building renovations, we can cater for all your long term scaffolding needs.

Ace Scaffolding offers a range of scaffold solutions to meet just about any application. Whether you need to repair a listed structure, renovate a building or complete a huge construction project involving scaffolding, help is at hand. We don’t just offer scaffolding hire – we also provide training, consultation, and design, erect and dismantle scaffolding for those who will be using our scaffolding.

Ace Scaffolding’s focus from its inception was supplying the scaffolding industry with accessories and equipment and over the years we’ve kept expanding our range of products to keep up with changing times and client requirements. We sell and hire out a wide range of scaffolding, access and safety equipment supplies for tradespeople, contractors, builders and homeowners.

We can erect your scaffold in a timely manner using our qualified and experienced scaffold erectors and the latest industry best practices. Our scaffolding teams are fast, efficient and work safely at all times.

We dismantle scaffolding when your project is complete. We come to you and dismantle your scaffolding. We will dismantle the scaffold for you when you tell us to, or we can move it easily to another location on your site or another site entirely. You call and we come.

We consult and design scaffold solutions, provide training, technical support, and emergency services for problems related to scaffolding. We offer expert advice about scaffolds on the job site. When you need scaffolding consultation and design services, call Ace Scaffolding!


Scaffolding access equipment

Ace Scaffolding, a leading supplier of scaffolding access equipment, offers a full line of quality scaffolding products at the right price.

Scaffolding inspection to ensure safety

Our exclusive inspection and certification process ensures that your Ace Scaffolding is safe and in good condition throughout the life of your scaffolding.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your Ace Scaffolding meets the highest safety standards. Before every job, we inspect your scaffolding to make sure it’s safe and secure. If any problems are found, they’re fixed immediately. We then inspect scaffolding at regular intervals to ensure you are working on scaffolding that does the job safely and effectively.

Work at height edge protection

Work safely at height with Ace Scaffolding systems, scaffold ladders, guard railings, fall arresters and fall restraints.

Ace Scaffolding offers the best scaffolding edge protection and temporary scaffolding safety products and accessories on the market today. We take pride in offering only high quality scaffolding products which are designed to meet or exceed all industry standards of scaffold design and fabrication. Get free expert safety advice when you call the Ace Scaffolding team on 01273 257 020.

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What OurCustomer Says

Excellent service, arrived on time and were such a polite bunch of guys. In and out in a flash and as soon as I was done with the scaffolding they arrived to de-construct. Would highly recommend to friends, family and anyone else who needs their services!

- L J Wren

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What makes our scaffolders different?

We can provide you with a quality scaffold at a great price and answer all of your scaffolding questions. The quality and condition of our products is our #1 concern, and for good reason: there is nothing more important than your safety. When you place an order with us, we do more than just promise you a quality scaffold tower - our owner-operators are invested in your project and the build of the structure on site! Ace Scaffolding's top priority is your safety, which is the main reason for our high-quality construction, strict quality control, and unwavering commitment to safe working practices.

Our bespoke scaffold designs

Ace Scaffolding creates bespoke scaffold designs and delivers to Lewes' leading commercial projects, homes, industrial estates, hotels, and large factory units. We can build the most advanced work platforms available, ideal for working at height in tricky spaces. Should you require any bespoke scaffolding, please contact Ace Scaffolding on 01273 257 020.

Public liability insurance 

As you would expect, we carry comprehensive public liability insurance cover to protect all stakeholders. At Ace Scaffolding, we are fully insured and our indemnity insurance offers you complete peace of mind, and will protect you against loss or damage either to any third party, stakeholders and/or your building.

Professional and committed staff

Our customers love working with Ace Scaffolding because of our professional, committed, service-oriented staff. They are trained to provide cost effective solutions for all your needs whether it is a commercial job site or residential. Our founder has over 30 years of experience in the industry. We will do what is best for our customers at every step of the way!

Experienced scaffolders

At Ace Scaffolding, our scaffolders know that they only get one chance to create a good impression. That’s why our experienced scaffolders and support staff are trained to help our customers find the scaffolding solutions they need—fast! In addition to our expertise and great service, we offer reasonable prices on quality scaffold products, all backed by our commitment to safety.

Our gallery of scaffolding projects

The Ace Scaffolding project gallery shows the wide variety of applications for our scaffolding products. From high-rise construction to residential extensions, Ace Scaffolding has been used on all project types.

Always High Quality Scaffolding

Ace Scaffolding prides itself on supplying the best quality scaffolding products available. We source and manufacture our products to meet the safety, quality, and durability standards at the top end of the industry. We also provide users with comprehensive product training (where appropriate). This is in line with our commitment to maintaining high levels of user safety on all scaffolding projects that we contribute to.

Competitively Priced Scaffolding Solutions

Ace Scaffolding offers competitive pricing on scaffolding equipment, accessories and safety equipment. Our team of experts are available to help you price up your scaffolding. Affordable pricing, coupled with a decade of experience and quality construction means you can be confident of getting a superbly designed and manufactured scaffold that represents value for money.

No Job Too Big Or Too Small

We offer a variety of scaffold solutions to meet your needs - from large structural projects to small repair jobs! Ace Scaffolding is readily available, with experienced and certified scaffolding teams. Give us a call today at 01273 257 020 whatever the scope of the project, and size of the scaffold that you need.

The Ace Scaffolding experienced

With over three decades’ experience in the scaffolding industry and specialising in scaffolding hire, Ace Scaffolding teams are dedicated to customer satisfaction. Our knowledgeable staff offer a friendly and professional service. Ace Scaffolding offers customers a handpicked team of committed workers who will go the extra mile to complete each job.

Scaffolding For Property Builders

Ace Scaffolding offers property development and construction sites complete modular scaffolding and scaffold hire. With a range of diverse working platforms, Ace Scaffolding is suitable for a variety of applications on site; large or small. Scaffolds are available in various heights, widths and lengths to suit your construction site and provide safe work environments.

Scaffolding For Your Renovation Projects

Every renovation project needs a solid work foundation, and our Ace Scaffolding makes sturdy scaffolding simple. When you use our service, you'll see just how affordable and durable our scaffolding is, ideal for support in either indoor or outdoor applications and manufactured from high quality steel or aluminium. With our renovation scaffolding you're ready to begin your project with peace of mind that Ace Scaffolding has your back!

Scaffolding health and safety

Ace Scaffolding supplies leading fall protection platforms and scaffolding that increase the safety of the work environment and meet all required regulations. Our products assist, protect and ensure a safe working environment for workers at heights. Many of our products feature leading edge technology to enhance safety and performance. This ranges from easy height adjustment to built in safety rails adding capability for safer construction sites. Ace Scaffolding meets the requirements of Health and Safety Legislation. We aim to provide a service which is both cost effective and efficient at all times whilst maintaining our standard of excellence and focus on health and safety.

How Much Does Scaffolding Cost?

A short typical DIY home repair or renovation project might need the use of a small scaffold, while a block of flats may need significantly more. The cost of scaffolding varies depending on many factors, including the size and complexity of your project. The average cost for a DIY project may be £600, while professional projects typically cost upwards of £1,500. Find out how much your scaffolding will cost for your project by calling 01273 257 020 today!


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