Health Safety

We know the importance of safety, so it is one of the most critical aspects of our scaffolding designs and construction projects. Scaffolding is a significant part of any property’s construction and renovation, and so it must be as safe as possible. Here at Ace Scaffolding, we are very committed to health and safety, and we make sure to adhere to all the industry regulations. We put a premium value on safety at every stage of our work, which makes us one of the fastest-growing scaffolding firms in Lewes. We have professionally trained scaffolders who work under the highest standards in the industry.

Why are we here?

To be one of the best scaffolding contractors, best known for meeting health and safety standards in the area. To fulfil this vision, risk assessment checks and procedure statements are a key part of our health and safety policy.

Our Guarantee

  • More than six years’ experience 
  • 100% assurance for satisfaction and safety
  • Excellent service 
  • Industry-approved and qualified scaffolders 
  • A complete array of scaffolding services 
  • Meticulous, reliable, and professional 
  • Unrivalled industry experience 
  • Provision of unmatchable work value for money 

At Ace Scaffolding, we assure you of extremely secure scaffolding structures made with the best materials available. We have company vehicles that we use to quickly deliver equipment to project sites. Ace Scaffolding in Lewes always incorporates innovative technology solutions to secure project sites while taking constructive safety initiatives at the same time, rather than focusing on managing issues after they have arisen.

Since our inception, we have worked under regulatory guidelines and clients’ specifications to produce high-quality scaffolding systems and technologies. Need more information? Get in touch with us for more information. We can also provide expert scaffolding advice. Let us help you.

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Work at height regulations

Without scaffolding, it would be difficult for builders, decorators, painters, and roofers to carry out restoration and construction work at heights or inaccessible areas.

Scaffolds are better than ladders when it comes to working on high structures. They are more stable and have smaller risk of accidents. Scaffolding is a preferred work platform for construction work because it is functional, secure, and reliable. The building industry suggests scaffolding as one of the most secure high-work access platforms that meet all existing requirements for health and safety. 

Scaffolding platforms and towers can be used with all sizes and types of buildings; they can also be installed on any surface: wet, dry, or sloppy. At Ace Scaffolding, Lewes, our team of specialist scaffolders handle the entire scaffolding process from design to disassembly.

We always use the latest equipment and techniques as per best industry practices to ensure the integrity of the scaffold. For more than 10 years , we have built safe and stable scaffolding structures in Lewes and neighbouring places. Thanks to our experience, you can be sure that every scaffolding solution we deliver will meet the highest of health and safety standards. Our work statistics of accident-free projects demonstrate our commitment to health and safety at work.

Scaffolding Types

  • Residential Scaffolding 
  • Commercial Scaffolding
  • Industrial Scaffolding

In Lewes, Ace Scaffolding can be trusted to deliver top-quality scaffolding solutions all the time. We comply entirely with all CDM laws and provide risk assessments as well as statements of procedures on all contracts. With Ace Scaffolding in Lewes, you can expect consistent and extremely high-quality customer service.

The highest safety standards guaranteed

Our team of in-house experts at Ace Scaffolding are well trained and carry accreditations from some of the big names in the industry including the CITB and CISRS, and offer some of the best scaffolding solutions in the Lewes area. At every project site where we work, we engage the services of an independent safety expert who will ensure that every aspect of our operations meet the relevant health and safety regulations.

Our scaffolding structures are constructed following the highest industry standards and undergo regular checks and maintenance. All these measures are implemented to ensure that all we do is in the public and consumer protection interests. While keeping abreast with the latest health and safety standards, we mandate all our scaffolders to always wear the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Safety record

Owing to our outstanding safety record, we are among Lewes’s finest scaffolding firms. Our competence in designing secure and stable scaffolding services is a source of pride for us. All the scaffoldings on land and site construction programs are monitored by our safety and health officers. We have since built up a reputation as one of the top scaffolding experts in the Lewes area.

High Safety Standards

All our scaffolders are professionally trained, which means you get the best when you work with Ace Scaffolding in Lewes.  Need professional scaffolding services in Sussex for your commercial, industrial or residential project? Contact Ace Scaffolding, Lewes today.

Schedule a site survey

If you are unsure about the scaffold you need for your project, we will lead you in the right direction. Contact us and get a free, non-obligatory quote and a free site survey. Our evaluation starts with a proper risk analysis, followed by a comprehensive proposal of your project requirements. We take time to completely understand your needs to ensure that the scaffolding built and erected is the right match for your project, thus saving you time and resources that would otherwise have been wasted correcting expensive mistakes.

We provide a variety of free services to our clients that comply with industry health and safety standards such as free site surveys, quotations, and scaffolding advice. Don’t waste any more time. For friendly, quality service you deserve, contact us today. Ace Scaffolding in Lewes is made up of a team of highly experienced scaffolders.  We ensure the surveys we carry out follow the highest level of security. Once we understand your needs and have completed the site survey, we will provide scaffolding at very competitive rates, the ideal fit for your project.

Scaffolding training and qualification

From our facilities in Lewes, we have a team of expert scaffolders that service the entire area. We also have completed SpanSet height safety workshops, UNESCO First Aid training and CITB Safety and Access training. Little wonder, we are one of the best known scaffolding companies in the area.

In our position as a scaffolding contractor, we ensure that our team members are routinely trained internally, in complete compliance with the current health and safety regulations. This is one reason why our scaffolding team is one of the best in Lewes. It is important that all our workers are up-to-date with the relevant industry practises. This is why we constantly invest in training, so that our clients can always receive the best services.

You must consider the qualifications of the people you are hiring before you commit to a scaffolding firm.  This way, you will see if they can manage the project requirements effectively. Upon request, we will supply evidence of applicable scaffolding certifications as our contractors are actively working to develop their expertise and experience.

Safety equipment, scaffold accessories and scaffold tools

For more than 10 years , Ace Scaffolding has been supplying high-quality access equipment for residential and commercial projects to customers in Lewes, East Sussex. To manage any sort of renovation, reconstruction and construction project, we have a wide range of scaffolding equipment, supplies and accessories available. Regardless of whether you need a movable or fixed access platform, you can count on us to design it for you. Our comprehensive array of scaffolding equipment includes essentials like internal and access scaffolds, towers, and bridges. Our scaffolding service is affordable, efficient, professional and prompt. We are also in the business of supplying rolling and moving scaffolding, which is perfect for when you require the convenience of moving around your construction site.

For difficult-to-reach areas, we provide extra support scaffolding, internal scaffolding, birdcages and fixed ladder access. Whatever your needs may be, with Ace Scaffolding in Lewes you’ll only get the best when it comes to safety and stability. We outfit our scaffolding solutions with safety equipment, temporary bridges, protective railings, safety nets and trampolines, cargo hoist towers, passenger hoist towers, sensors, protective railings, and edges. We have even developed and tested a new, innovative safety netting system. Ace Scaffolding’s safety nets at Lewes ensure maximum project security and prevent work accidents.

Safety netting

Our workers and clients are provided with personal safety gear in addition to the safety netting we offer so as to ensure total safety at work sites. For businesses that do not want disruption of their regular routine, we are willing to work after hours, whether it is for scaffolding erection, safety netting installation or equipment removal. The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) has fully accredited Ace Scaffolding. In addition to this, we are very skilled in supplying safety nets and scaffolding solutions in Lewes.


Designing, erecting, and installing safe scaffolding systems are what we aim to provide in Lewes. According to the guidelines set by the IPAF, you are required to wear short adjustable restraints lanyards and harnesses on machines that fall within the 1B and 3B categories.  We can provide a short adjustable restraint lanyard and harnesses with the machines; however, you will need to conduct your risk assessments. We may charge you extra for hiring our safety harness.


Over the past 10 years , our experts at Ace Scaffolding have been handling a lot of scaffolding work for major contracts all over Lewes. Regardless of the kind of ground, we can erect the scaffolding you need with our specialised equipment and expertise.  At Ace Scaffolding, our greatest asset has always been the scaffolding service.

Our scaffolders hold CSCS certificates of health and safety and are qualified in CISRS. They have gone through extensive training in health and safety to ensure that they only provide you with the highest level of service. When you engage us for your scaffolding needs, you can count on getting services that are unmatched in the area.

The relationship between adequate planning and a successful, safe project is a fundamental one. This is why we invest a lot of time in understanding your project requirements, so we can create a scaffolding solution that will deliver on all your expectations.  With over 10 years of experience in the scaffolding industry, our in-house staff are fully qualified and trained regularly. 

Our team is capable of managing construction projects of all kinds and sizes. We have what it takes to provide effective scaffolding solutions all the time as we are always up-to-date with the current industry trends. With us handling your scaffolding needs, you are guaranteed the safety and reliability of a professional team.

Extensive quality coverage

As one of the best scaffolding firms in Lewes, it is only fitting that we are capable of fulfilling all project requirements, regardless of their complexity or simplicity. In fact, the more complex and challenging the project, the better for us. Our well-trained and experienced in-house talents manage every part of our operation, that is why we can offer optimal quality. If you are searching for a Lewes scaffolding firm, we are among the best. We have the wealth of knowledge and experience you require.

It doesn’t matter what your requirements are; you can count on us to deliver suitable scaffolding equipment. We can deliver scaffolding solutions for both internal and external projects. Get started by requesting a free quote today. Our services are delivered in a friendly and professional manner – ideal for the private and public sector. Our goal is to be the number one provider of scaffolding services for all types of projects in the entire Lewes.

On every step of the way, regardless of how small or large your project is, we are prepared to collaborate with you. Usually, our availability is determined by how much work we have, but we always try to reach customers as quickly as possible.

Customer service

This is the assurance we give our customers. That we will always provide services that are tailor-made for your project in a professional, courteous and reliable manner. We gladly demonstrate this with our competitive pricing system and our willingness to go the extra mile so that our customers are always satisfied.

You can reach us at any time, 24 hours a day. Be assured that we will take every aspect of your scaffolding project seriously. We go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.

Finding a scaffolding company with more dedication, expertise, and knowledge in and around Lewes will be difficult. We pride ourselves in being the premier local scaffolding company that offers competitive scaffolding equipment for hire in Lewes.

Do you need help selecting the right scaffolding equipment?   We’re ready and able to help. Our scaffolding team at Ace Scaffolding, Lewes can deliver a comprehensive variety of top-notch scaffolding solutions following any project specifications, whether for residential, commercial, or industrial projects. You will get excellent quality delivery from beginning to end. We’re looking forward to working closely with you.

Equipment and tools

We do not believe in leaving safety to chance, so we only use the highest-grade equipment, which is regularly inspected and maintained.

Quality assurance

We are sure that in terms of service prices, protection and quality support, Ace Scaffolding is the best scaffolding business in Lewes. We have an impressive safety record and work under tough health and safety regulations to ensure that the needs of our clients come first. To ensure the erected scaffolding is safe and functions optimally, we regularly inspect worksites and provide maintenance where necessary for the duration of the project. Our services are delivered following health and safety guidelines at all times.

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If you are looking for a reliable scaffolding company in Lewes and surrounding areas, please call us on 01273 257 020 or send us an email at We don’t think that you will not find a more dedicated and qualified team of scaffolders in Lewes. We situated our offices in strategic locations to promote the development of our value-added services around the region for our experts. When you need us in an emergency situation, we will arrive as quickly as possible. Get in touch with us on 01273 257 020 to get a free quote for your project. Only the best available scaffolding service can do for our customers. We are also on hand to provide expert advice when needed. For your quotations for scaffolding rental, get in touch with us.

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